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Which would you prefer? Constantly shopping around, or would you rather have the comfort and peace of mind of going to a Florida-based Independent Agency which will research multiple sources to match the most suitable policies with your needs? That’s exactly what we do here at Patrishka’s. As a result of our tenure in the insurance industry, we’ve built relationships with numerous underwriters, allowing us to find the cost-effective policies that best meet your needs.


There are two ways to set up an agency:

THEIR WAY – An investor could set up an agency on a high volume, quick turnover model where the goal is simply to grab new clients with as little time investment as possible, often by pressure sales tactics or offering incomplete coverage. This unfortunately is all too common and has to some extent damaged the reputation of the industry.

THE PATRISHKA'S WAY – We invest significant time upfront with each of our clients in order to make certain they will get the policies and coverage they need. We count on client retention, satisfaction and word of mouth referrals to build our business. We work earnestly to build long-term relationships with every customer, offering cost effective options for insuring every area of their life or business.

In 2005 after Hurricane Wilma, Patsy (James) Neal of Patrishka’s Insurance Agency founder was recognized by the Florida Surplus Lines Service Office’s Newsletter The Advisor for her outstanding customer service to her clients.


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